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Malvern Bank Independent School Blog

Mark Cohen

Welcome to Malvern Bank’s Independent School Division. Through this blog, I’ll be sharing information our independent school clients can use to build their businesses and ensure a healthy financial future.

Independent School Blog Post

Malvern Bank Understands the Unique Needs of Independent Schools

Malvern Bank, National Association understands that independent schools have unique banking needs. Its employees have the knowledge and experience to assist with the distinctive needs of independent schools, from their seasonal cash flows to their tax-exempt financing strategies. Read More

Independent School Blog Post

It’s Academic: Back to School Edition!

Time flies! It's already mid-August, and you are, undoubtedly, well into planning your school's financial goals for 2021-2022. Let Malvern Bank help you. From seasonal cash flows to tax-exempt financing strategies, Malvern Bank has a special understanding of the unique banking needs of independent schools. Read More

Independent School Blog Post

It’s Academic: Creating the Best Retirement Plan for Independent School Employees

As an administrator of an independent school, your primary focus is educating your students so they can grow and learn for the future. However, it is also important to focus on your own future and that of your employees and understand the retirement plan benefits your school offers. Read More

Independent School Blog Post

It's Academic: Carrying the Right "Umbrella"

Independent or private schools present unique challenges to finding the right school insurance coverage because the risks go beyond what a typical business faces. With that in mind, what kind of insurance do these schools need? Read More

Independent School Blog Post

How Independent School Philanthropy Can Survive the Pandemic

The coronavirus has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives. But how it has impacted philanthropy – to charitable organizations and for-profit entities such as independent schools alike – may surprise you. Read More

Independent School Blog Post

How Independent Schools Can Deal with the Uncertainty of Pandemic-Era Admissions

According to the Enrollment Management Association’s Standard Application Online, the coronavirus has impacted the independent school admissions ... Read More