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Money Matters: This Mother's Day (and always!), Focus on Simplifying Financial Decisions

May 12, 2023


Mothers are notorious multitaskers known for their ability to juggle a million things at once. Yet when it comes to money matters, multitasking might not be the best approach – for mothers or fathers. In fact, it could be holding you back.

Just like multitasking can lead to stress and burnout, trying to manage your or your company’s finances without a clear strategy can lead to confusion and missed opportunities. Instead, focus on simplifying your financial decisions and get the support and assistance you need.

For a new mindset this Mother’s Day, check out the article "The Lies We Tell Ourselves About Multitasking" below, along with other financial news filled with information and inspiration for you this week. Feel free to share with friends and family – and a mom who needs it.

And, moms and dads, to help you simplify financial decisions for yourselves or your company, Malvern Bank has a variety of products and solutions tailored for the needs of you or your business.

Let’s Start the Conversation! Contact Jeffrey Steigerwalt, Malvern’s Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Private Banking, at 484.667.7451 or He can help with financing and other needs that will work best for you and your company.

And remember, Malvern Bank is here to help you with all your banking needs.


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