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Money Matters: Feeling overwhelmed? You're not alone

April 28, 2023


If you’re feeling overwhelmed from the grind and the seemingly never-ending decisions that pop up each day, you’re not alone. This time of year especially, “decision fatigue” can start to rattle your wellbeing.

Decision fatigue is the theory that in a stressful season, a person’s capacity to make choices over the course of a day becomes worse. That’s why ordering some fast food off a drive-thru menu after a long day at work sounds better than making yourself dinner, and why mindlessly scrolling through social media at bedtime is so tempting.

If you can relate, first of all, cut yourself some slack. It’s not just you. It’s possible all you need is a decision-making process that won’t leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

And that’s where Malvern Bank can help (along with the articles below). For example, are you having decision fatigue about whether you can really make that upgrade or addition to your current home? We can help make that decision easier with a Home Equity Loan, enabling you to use the current equity in your house to build a wonderful new space where you can escape the daily grind.

Get started with that home improvement project by contacting Georgette Krick, Malvern’s Vice President of Retail Banking, at 610.469.9172 or A Home Equity Loan could be the perfect antidote to your decision fatigue.

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