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Money Matters: Don't be Foolish with your finances

March 31, 2023


Every year, April kicks off with its famous Fool’s Day, and as we think of how finances tie to this day, it is hard not to think of the old proverb - “A fool and his money are soon parted” - and most certainly no one wants to be a fool with their finances. But if we’re being honest, too many of us have been tricked at times throughout the years by our behaviors and attitudes when it comes to money.

Now, let’s remember that this old saying means that we will remain foolish and have no intention to improve ourselves; yet, as we get older most of us have worked hard to improve ourselves and our finances. We also shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking that getting older doesn’t have its advantages – financial or otherwise. That kind of thinking obscures the benefits of being a senior – such as Malvern Bank’s Senior Checking Account. It offers a great interest rate, unlimited check writing, free online banking with Bill Pay, free check images, and so much more. To learn more, just click on the “It’s Good to be 50 Plus” banner below or visit one of our convenient locations and sit down with a Malvern Associate to Start the Conversation Today!.

So, in this month that begins with April Fool’s Day, let’s commit to being honest with our finances, building upon a financial strategy that reflects your core values, and pursuing the very real goals within your grasp.

These relevant articles below – especially the Forbes article – can help you get started. As always, reach out if there’s anything you’d like to discuss or share. Enjoy!


Anthony C. Weagley
President & CEO
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