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Money Matters: Financial Advice from Hollywood?

March 24, 2023


"Everything, Everywhere, All at Once."

It’s not just the title of the Oscar-winning movie, it’s an apt description of how it feels to live right now. The movie deals with the ‘multiverse’, where anything and everything is possible, and takes place at the same time. These days, the rise of A.I. tools, inflation, interest rate increases, recent bank failures, and central bank policy changes may have you feeling overwhelmed.

At the risk of spoiling the movie (if you haven’t seen it), the central message of focusing on love and family to find joy regardless of the possibilities of the multiverse is a great parallel of what to do when faced with sweeping change.

The key is to focus on what creates meaning for you, in other words, your long-term goals, and to act intentionally instead of being reactionary. The New York Times article below says it perfectly: your goals probably haven’t changed, so there’s no need to do anything.

You may have some short-term goals, too, like – finally – taking that dream vacation. Consider using the equity in your home to fund that vacation. Contact one of Malvern Bank’s Home Lending Specialists at or 610.644.9400 to get started.

It is challenging to live in complex times, but talking it over with a trusted advisor can help. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s Start the Conversation!


Anthony C. Weagley
President & CEO
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