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Money Matters: For procrastinators, prioritization is the key!

February 17, 2023


Can you answer yes to this question:

  • Are you putting off your taxes until closer to April 18th?

Then you might be the kind of person who accomplishes things at the last minute.

In this ever-quickening digital age, we can accomplish more faster than ever – and at times it can seem as though procrastination is encouraged if not enabled. However, in my line of work, the focus is on planning ahead, because as we all know, having a plan in place helps you to be better prepared for when life’s unexpected ups and downs arrive.

Prioritization is the key. You must know what can be put off until later and what you should do right now. I’ve included some curated articles this week that can help you do that. Read, share, and reach out if Malvern Bank can further assist you in any way to help manage your finances.

For example, our free Kasasa® Cash checking account pays you just for banking with us. When you do simple activities (like using your debit card), we reward you in cash every month – and there’s never a monthly maintenance fee!

For more information about Malvern’s Kasasa® Cash checking account, contact us at 610.644.9400 – or visit one of our convenient, local Financial Centers. A Malvern Bank Associate will be happy to help you.

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