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Money Matters: Your Christmas Bonus: Sound, End-of-year Financial Advice from Malvern Bank

October 28, 2022


Shocking, isn’t it?

While many are only getting started planning for what spooky creature they’ll dress up as for Halloween this year, what’s more frightening for the cost-conscious is that there are only 5 paychecks left before the holidays.

As inflation takes a bite and economic uncertainty brews on the horizon, how can you get through the next 9 weeks without blowing your budget or going into debt?

The Wall Street Journal article below has some helpful tips for you on how to budget and thrive through the remainder of 2022 — without inflation upending your spending plans. Be sure to check it out along with these other articles of interest from the financial world this week.

As always, we are here for guidance and support with more personalized strategies tailored to fit your goals. For example, ask your Malvern Bank associate about our Certificates of Deposit. CDs are ideal for those interested in saving over time. They offer fixed, safe interest rates that can often be higher than the rates of many traditional bank accounts.

I hope you’ll reach out with any questions you have. I’d love to hear from you.


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