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Money Matters: Why Now is a Great Time to Review Your Financial Strategy

August 26, 2022


The new tax, climate, and healthcare plan that President Biden signed into law last week aims to slow the pace of raging inflation and promises lower healthcare and energy costs down the line for families.

But the full impact of the new legislation on Americans’ finances is yet to be realized.

The following articles shed some light on how your taxes could be affected this year, what you can do now to prevent potential headaches or surprises next April, and some other useful and interesting information from this week. Know that Malvern Bank is closely monitoring the ongoing economic situation. To make sure that your current financial strategy will protect against inflation or a recession, contact Sally Lawson, Malvern’s Senior Investment Officer. Now is a great time for her to help you review your strategy to make sure it is still on target. You can call Sally at 610.695.3651 or email her at

I hope these articles inform and inspire you. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. I look forward to connecting with you soon. Let’s Start the Conversation!


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The $80 Billion IRS Infusion Means More Audits—in 2026 or 2027

Bloomberg: Aug. 22, 2022

The agency’s new funding will help fight tax cheats. IRS funding has been one of the most under-...

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How The Inflation Reduction Act Could Lower Women’s Costs

Forbes: Aug. 19, 2022

The new Inflation Reduction Act could save women in particular a lot of money on three...

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Are You Too Responsible?

Harvard Business Review: Aug. 22, 2022

Do you often pay attention to the needs of others but neglect your own? Do you frequently remind...

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How to Catch Up on Retirement Savings at Any Age

Bloomberg: Aug. 24, 2022

Americans are trillions of dollars behind on saving. Experts have a few suggestions on how to...

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Preparing Financially, Before the Storm Hits

The New York Times: Aug. 23, 2022

With the cost and frequency of weather-driven disasters on the rise, taking steps to be ready is...

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