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Money Matters: Thanking Mom for her financial advice

May 6, 2022


Social media is filled with influencers — and 'finfluencers' — attempting to fascinate us with stories on how to make the most of our lives and finances.

But with Mother’s Day on May 8th, we’re reminded of the very first finfluencer in our lives — our mothers (or grandmothers, aunts, etc.).

Yes, you can thank your mother for some of your money habits, whether good or bad. A growing body of research including a study from the National Bureau of Economic Research finds that mothers’ financial beliefs and behaviors have a profound effect on children's developing financial outcomes.

Take a moment to consider the emotions and family stories that have influenced your personal relationship with money, and if you feel honored, share the valuable insights you’ve gained. Malvern Bank can add perspective as well to help discover what may be holding you back. Contact Sally Lawson, Malvern’s Senior Investment Officer, at 610.695.3651 or drop her an email She and her team can help you make wise decisions about your financial future – and reaching your long-term goals.

Check out the articles below with more info and some great tips from moms and for moms this week.

Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy.


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