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Money Matters: Facing your fears is worth it

October 22, 2021


It's almost Halloween, and there are spooky things everywhere you look. From decor to horror movies, we are face-to-face with frights and fears 24/7. Though this time of year is often intentionally scary, don’t let fear control you, especially when it comes to your finances.

Sometimes fear of what’s waiting around the corner, or the big scary unknown, can stop us dead in our tracks and keep us from pursuing goals and habits that we know are good for us. But in fact, a study in Behaviour Therapy showed that over 90 percent of the things people worry about never happen. Think of fear as an acronym: FalseEventsAppearingReal.

So, what’s the best way to quell that worry and move forward unafraid? Arm yourself with expert knowledge and a good plan of attack. And you’ve got that. You can take confidence in Malvern Bank. And remember, every great accomplishment comes with some risk, and you are up to the task.

If you have any questions at all, don’t be afraid - just reach out. Sally Lawson, Senior Investment Advisor, is here to help you overcome fear and chase your dreams. Contact Sally today at 610.695.3651.

The following are some interesting articles about events in the news that may pertain to your financial plan. Enjoy and share ... if you dare.


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