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Money Matters: Risks will come, so let's prepare

September 17, 2021


It goes without saying that daily life has been irrevocably upended since the pandemic began. For me, it's a perfect illustration of how to anticipate and prepare for risk in our financial lives.

One of the key features in our financial strategy is preparing for the inevitability of risk in:

  • unexpected expenses
  • medical and long-term care costs
  • protecting your possessions and family with the right insurance
  • market changes

Let's talk about what risks may be on the horizon and how we've built a financial strategy that can help manage them. Knowing that you've prepared for risk can help you tune out the noise and focus on building back a bit of joy in your life.

By the way - here's a low-risk investment that provides a win-win-win for investors!

Sponsorships and tickets are available for the weather-rescheduled inaugural Malvern Federal Charitable Foundation Charity Polo Match , which will be held on Sunday, September 26 at the Brandywine Polo Club in suburban Philadelphia.

Who wins?

  • You win - because attendees will enjoy an exciting polo match - and sponsors will enjoy a gourmet lunch and open bar.
  • Your company wins - through its association with a high-visibility event that benefits the local community.
  • The community (and local nonprofits) win: The polo match is designed to boost interest in, and giving to, the charitable organizations in Malvern Bank's service areas.

For information on tickets or sponsorships, please contact Patricia McLennan at 610-220-7179.


Anthony C. Weagley
President & CEO
Malvern Bank, National Association
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