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Money Matters: School's back in session

August 20, 2021


Just like that, it's back-to-school season. Tell me, where did the summer go?

As kids of all ages go back to class, with all of the apprehension and excitement that may bring in these turbulent times, it's also, a great reminder that in life, summer ends, but the learning never does. We are always presented with challenges and opportunities to expand our knowledge and grow.

It appears, though, that Americans are slipping in that regard. According to the survey in the Forbes article below, the U.S. is experiencing a steep decline in financial literacy in recent years - especially when dealing with more complex topics like inflation, financial risk, and mortgage rates.

How is your financial IQ? Are there some topics you could use some brushing up on?

The easiest way to fix any gap in knowledge is to ask a question. Sally Lawson, Malvern Bank's Senior Investment Advisor, can be a great resource for you. With years of financial experience, she can discuss how your strategy is positioned to face these complex times. I encourage you to contact Sally at 610.695.3651. She can help you make significant strides toward reaching your financial goals.

The articles below give insight as well. Feel free to share them - and keep the financial literacy conversation going to ensure your circle has the same potential for wealth and wellness.


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