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Money Matters: The Economy gets a JOLT

August 13, 2021


Why do we work? It's a core question that many people ask themselves daily. The most fortunate of us have found the sweet spot where their passion and career coincide. But for many, work in its simplest form is a way to pay the bills and provide for the people they love.

This week brings good news on the job front: U.S. job openings soared to a record 10.1 million in June according to the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey - or JOLTS. There are now more jobs available in the U.S. than there are workers to work them.

And that means, now more than ever, more of us have the potential to live, save, or invest for the lifestyle we want.

We at Malvern Bank have some ideas on how you can best position yourself in this new economy to capitalize on this potential. If you'd like to make sure your current investment portfolio aligns with the lifestyle you envision, I encourage you to contact Sally Lawson, our Senior Investment Advisor, at 610.695.3651. She can help ensure that your portfolio is tailored to fit your long-term goals, utilizing an array of investment options.

To further inform and inspire you, here are some hand-picked articles from some of the leading authors on money. I'd love to know what you think.


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Money Matters

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