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Money Matters: A return to life - time to celebrate

June 11, 2021


June is looking to be chock-full of celebrations - graduations, a wedding or two, Father's Day ... and the most welcomed driver of it all: the gradual reopening of life combined with a rejuvenated economy. If you're like me, you've never been more ready for it.

If we've learned anything from the past year of closings, changed plans, and virtual everything - it's how to appreciate starting to get together and celebrating life's events once again. Getting to this point was a challenge. What lessons can we take for our financial strategies from the past year as we get ready to celebrate, open up, and carry on?

  • We can plan all we want, but we need to be ready to correct course as our goals or circumstances change.
  • Listening to professional advice can help you to pursue your goals.
  • Putting the people you love at the center of your strategy is key.
  • Practicing gratitude for what you have can help you build on what you have.
  • Celebrate all victories - big and small.

These helpful articles, selected for you, can help you prioritize and build your knowledge base. If you need someone to assist you in tackling your to-do list of financial priorities, please reach out to Sally Lawson, Malvern Bank's Senior Investment Advisor. You can reach Sally at 610.695.3651. These helpful articles, selected for you, can help you prioritize and build your knowledge base. Feel free to share them. They make great conversation starters.


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Money Matters

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