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Money Matters: What is ESG Investing?

May 21, 2021


It seems as though energy and the environment are hot topics right now. From the U.S. gas shortage to how much energy it takes to mine cryptocurrencies, you've probably noticed that the impact of collective actions on our environment are under more scrutiny than ever before.

One way to feel more in control of the issue as it pertains to your personal finances is by being mindful about your choices, the goals you set, and where you spend money. A trend larger corporations are following that's been in the news lately is "ESG."

What is ESG?

ESG investing is about introducing positive changes in society by being a more conscious investor - focusing on the following 3 key issues when it comes to financial planning:

  • Environment - for example, a company's carbon footprint regarding its manufacturing processes and sustainability efforts.
  • Social - including diversity in both the executive suite and overall staffing and hiring practices - even how a company advocates for social behavior in the world outside of its business footprint.
  • Governance - looking at how the company's board and management drive positive change within their organization - for example, through executive pay, diversity in leadership, and how well that leadership interacts with shareholders.

Incorporating ESG methods into your own household financial plan can be as simple as being more budget- and energy-conscious in your home heating/cooling or designating a charity for your estate plan.

More information than ever before is available to you about the core standards behind your favorite brands so you can make informed decisions. Now is a great time for us to talk about what's most important to you, and discover how your goals can make a significant economic or social impact. I encourage you to contact Sally Lawson, Malvern Bank's Senior Investment Advisor, at 610.695.3651. She can help you implement an ESG investment strategy that reflects your beliefs and accomplishes your financial goals.

Here are some relevant articles I thought you'd enjoy. Feel free to read and share, and let me know what you think.


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