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Money Matters: Mom the CEO

May 7, 2021


As we get ready to celebrate Mother's Day this Sunday, May 9, I've been thinking about how family dynamics have changed over the past year. A busy family is a kind of company. Multiple tasks to accomplish, goals to strive for, and competing interests to balance. Mothers bring special skills into running their families, just as a CEO does for a company.

There are a lot of lessons we can learn from moms, especially when it comes to money. Working towards goals with a passion that fuels determination is something all of us should strive for and that moms do almost intuitively. And while it's important to create your own financial goals, it is likely your mother mentored you on your saving and investing habits. For most families, moms and dads were inspirations, motivators, and served as a support system when it came to their children's financial education and development.

This weekend, take some time to reflect on the beneficial lessons the mothers in your life have taught you about life and money. Take the opportunity to give something thoughtful back in response - or give it forward to future generations in their honor.

If you'd like to make sure your current investment portfolio aligns with what you have learned about life and money, I encourage you to contact Sally Lawson, our Senior Investment Advisor, at 610.695.3651. She can help ensure that your portfolio is tailored to fit your goals and values, utilizing an array of investment options. Here are some relevant articles that can help spark some ideas to do that. Enjoy and share, and have a wonderful weekend.


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Money Matters

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