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April 23, 2021


Albert Einstein once said, "Games are the most elevated form of investigation." We're in the thick of tax season after an extremely challenging year, so it's an odd time to think about playing games, isn't it? Actually, there's been a lot of news lately about "gamification." What is that? In a basic sense, it's creating challenges and rewards around certain aspects of life to make them more enjoyable.

The benefits of gamification are supported by science and psychology - the burst of dopamine your brain gets when you achieve a goal taps into pleasure centers and can reinforce a habit. Be careful with what you gamify, though. Investing your life savings isn't a game. Ensure that any financial decisions you make align with your long-term goals. If you are planning for your retirement, those goals might include maintaining an adequate income stream and/or savings throughout your retirement years - or anticipating increased healthcare costs.

The financial professionals at Malvern Bank can assist you in creating a plan that will help you reach your goals. What a relief! Prioritizing your financial planning by contacting Malvern's Senior Investment Advisor Sally Lawson will reduce stress as you seek to make the most of your retirement years. You can reach Sally at 610.695.3651. Here are a few financial articles I thought you'd find interesting. Feel free to read, share, and react - and let's keep in touch.


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Money Matters

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